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Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFI Switch

Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFI Switch


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Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFI Switch
Switch Throughput  Specification


1GbE SFP: 48 (24 copper 1GbE)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

1.72 x 17.36 x 20.48 in (4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)
Near Line Encryption MAC sec 48x 25-GbE-SFP28, 8x 100-GbE-QSFP28
Power Consumption Max load 450 W; typical load 260 W
Switching Capacity 2 Tbps/1.49 Bpps
Firewall filter 1500
Power Supply  110-240 V single phase AC power


Enhanced limited lifetime switch hardware warranty
Airflow AFO (back-to-front airflow)
Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFI Switch

Data Sheet


Optimize user and application experiences while improving networking economics with cloud-grade, high-density Ethernet switching across your data center, campus, and branch locations. Juniper switches deliver agile, reliable, and scalable networks with AI-powered automation and insights.

switches are cloud-ready, high-performance access and distribution/core-layer devices for enterprise branch, campus, and data center networks. With the EX Series, wired access networks don’t have to be complex—you can reduce risk and cost without compromising performance, quality, or innovation. Easily onboard, configure, and manage the switches and operate campus fabrics at scale with the Juniper Mist Cloud. Combine the EX switches with Juniper’s Wi-Fi portfolio for a unified wired and wireless solution, driven by Mist AI, that delivers simple and secure connectivity at scale.

Features and Benefits

Managing AI-Driven Campus Fabric with the Juniper Mist Cloud

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance brings cloud management and Mist AI to campus fabric. It sets a new standard moving away from traditional network management towards AI-driven operations, while delivering better experiences to connected devices.  The Juniper Mist Cloud streamlines deployment and management of campus fabric architectures by allowing:

  • Automated deployment and zero touch deployment
  • Anomaly detection 
  • Root cause analysis

High Availability Features

To avoid the complexities of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) without sacrificing network resiliency, the EX2300 employs a redundant trunk group (RTG) to provide the necessary port redundancy and simplify switch configuration. It also supports cross-member link aggregation, which allows redundant link aggregation connections between devices in a single Virtual Chassis configuration, providing an additional level of reliability and availability.

Hardware Specifications

Switching Engine Model

  • Store and forward


  • 2 GB (EX2300-24/48T/P)


  • 2 GB (EX2300 non-multi gigabit models)
  • 8 GB (EX2300-24MP, EX2300-48MP)


  • 1.25GHz ARM CPU

GbE Port Density per System

  • EX2300-24P/24T/24MP: 28 (24 host ports + four-port SFP/SFP+ uplinks)
  • EX2300-48P/48T: 52 (48 host ports + four-port SFP/SFP+ uplinks)
  • EX2300-48MP: 54 (48 host ports + six-port SFP/SFP+ uplinks)

Supported Optics

  • 10/100/1000BASE-T connector type RJ-45
  • GbE SFP optic/connector type: RJ-45, or LC SFP fiber supporting 1000BASE-T SFP, SX (multimode), LX (single mode), or LH (single-mode)

Physical Layer

  • Physical port redundancy: Redundant trunk group (RTG)
  • Cable diagnostics for detecting cable breaks and shorts
  • Auto MDI/MDIX (medium-dependent interface/medium dependent interface crossover) support
  • Port speed downshift/setting maximum advertised speed on 10/100/1000BASE-T ports
  • Digital optical monitoring for optical ports

Packet-Switching Capacities (Maximum with 64-Byte Packets)

  • EX2300-24P/24T: 64 Gbps (unidirectional)/128 Gbps (bidirectional)
  • EX2300-24MP: 76 Gbps (unidirectional)/ 152 Gbps (bi directional)
  • EX2300-48P/48T: 88 Gbps (unidirectional)/176 Gbps (bidirectional)
  • EX2300-48MP: 132 Gbps (unidirectional)/264 Gbps (bidirectional)

Juniper Switch

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Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFI Switch

Juniper Networks EX4650-48Y-AFO Switch


Buy Juniper Switch online from Firewall Firm’s IT Monteur Store

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