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Endian Firewall

Endian Firewall

Endian Firewall - Wikipedia

Endian Firewall is an open-source router,Endian Firewall Provider India Endian Open Source Firewall, Endian Linux Firewall, Endian Firewall Provider in India, Endian is a free and open source firewall solution provider in India

Endian Firewall Community

Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a turn-key Linux security distribution that can transform any bare-metal appliance into a full-featured Unified Threat Management solution. Endian is designed to be the easiest security product to install, configure and use.


Mail and Web Security

EFW Community provides you with basic email and web security services (powered by leading open source applications) to protect your home network.

Endian UTM Professional Advantage

Boost your security with powerful real-time web and email filtering using our Advanced Content Security (ACS) backed by CYREN and Bitdefender Anti-malware Engine .

Provide safe and secure web browsing and email services to your office. Protect your users and network from viruses, malware, phishing and spam threats. This helps to increase productivity and protect

Secure remote access

The Endian Community VPN solution allows you to easily connect and protect your home data from anywhere in the world.

Endian UTM Professional Advantage

Increased scalability and features including Active Directory/LDAP authentication, two-factor authentication and leading support for mobile platforms (SSL, L2TP, XAuth).


Event Management

Email notifications (only) for basic predefined system events are available in the Community version of Endian.

Endian UTM Professional Advantage

In additional to email, you can send SMS notifications or use our scripting engine to create custom actions to be performed for any given event.


EFW Main Features

The easiest to use all-in-one solution to help protect and connect your home network.

Stateful Firewall

Protect your network from Internet threats while providing appropriate access to resources inside and outside your network.


Provide remote access to your employees and connect multiple offices together, through our simple and secure VPN tunnel.

Email Security

Eliminate spam, phishing, and other malicious email from your network. Protect your business from all threats affecting email today.


Detect and prevent infections at the gateway for both web and email traffic. Shield your network against the latest Internet threats.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

A powerful shield that protects your network against internal and external threats by analyzing traffic flows.

Multi-WAN (with Failover)

Make your network more reliable by connecting multiple Internet connections. Available in simple failover configuration or simultaneously.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Take control of your network bandwidth utilization and set priorities for business critical applications like VoIP, web, email and more.


EndianOS 4i

At the core of the Endian ecosystem is EndianOS which powers the entire Secure Digital Platform. A security focused operating system built to provide the complete networking, security and connectivity stack in an intuitive and easy to operate solution. The Endian 4i powered by EndianOS is available as a Hardware, Software or Virtual solution.

Secure Remote Maintenance

Provide easy and secure remote access to equipment for all types of users. Deploy seamlessly anywhere with no changes required to remote site networks.

Zero Trust Architecture

Enforce fine-grained access and authorization policies to reduce attack surface. Monitor and audit access records for compliance efforts.


Define network zones and firewall policies to protect critical IT and OT assets and interconnect different segments via secure pathways (NAT & VPN).

Threat Management

Identify and stop advanced threats or malware from infiltrating your network using our multi-faceted IT and OT security toolset.

Edge Computing

Manage edge applications to simplify software distribution and enable third party software for analytics, monitoring, automation and more.

Network Visibility and Monitoring

Network Awareness and visibility to discover connected assets and protect against IT and OT threats. Identify network bottlenecks and track inappropriate activity.

Ruggedized Hardware

Install and connect anywhere with ruggedized hardware and support for many connectivity (4G/5G) and communications (I/O) options.


In order to secure every thing you must connect to every thing. Our products support multiple forms of Internet and SCADA connectivity including Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G, Serial (RS-232/485) and DI/DO (Digital Input/Digital Output).  They also come available in industrial form factors with DIN rail mount, desktop mount, 24V DC power input and with support for wide temperature for the most rugged deployments.

Endian Secure Digital Platform_connectivity


Security is the key to a successful digital IoT transformation. Endian has been a leader in in creating easy-to-use security products for over 15 years.

  • Connect Platform combines secure remote access and comprehensive user/device permission management
  • 4i Edge devices provide powerful network security including network segmentation, complete firewall control, deep-packet IPS/IDS system and layer-7 filtering capabilities

Endian achieves IEC 62443 Certification

Endian is proud to announce that the Secure Digital Platform (Switchboard and 4i Edge X) are IEC 62443 certified for both 62443-3-3 (System Security) and 62443-4-2 (Component Security) at SL2 security level. This certification ensures that customers using the Endian Secure Digital Platform are able to meet or exceed the industry standard for industrial and automation cybersecurity.


Containers are revolutionizing the IT world with the concept of wrapping applications into a portable and highly available system. The new Connect Platform and Endian 4i Edge X product will now support installing and managing containers at the industrial network edge. This will give businesses unparalleled flexibility to deploy applications in new ways like moving apps to the edge or even using hybrid apps with client software running on your edge appliance saving massive amounts of time and money!


Endian Secure Digital Platform_computing

Simple and Effective

By providing simple and effective network security solutions, Endian helps businesses leverage new virtual and cloud technologies to:

  • Secure the entire virtual infrastructure (internally and externally)
  • Seamlessly integrate with current virtual platform investments and their management tools
  • Save time and effort (i.e. money) with Endian centralized management and support tools
  • Securely connect all of the virtual or hosted infrastructure to the main office using VPN
  • Monitor and prevent access to and from the virtual systems to the outside world
  • Safeguard all inter-VM, internal, and external network connectivity

All of these objectives and more can be achieved using the Virtual Appliance.

Endian Advantages

The Virtual Appliance offers the most intuitive and universally supported solution available by including things like:

  • Support for four major virtual platforms including VMware, Xen, Hyper-V and KVM
  • Unified, intuitive user interface across all platforms – hardware, software, and virtual
  • Extremely efficient and scalable resource requirements
  • Native support included for available virtual infrastructure toolsets

In addition, you can utilize all of the great features that come with all flavors of the Endian UTM family including centralized management and monitoring via Endian Network, the simplest web interface available, best of breed open-source software, top-notch Endian support and much more.


Network zone isolation and policy support
Support for up to 32 internal network zones
Multiple WAN
Quality of service and bandwidth management
Advanced TCP window scaling
Support for untagged VLAN traffic
Bonding mode configuration (UI)
NTP (Network Time Protocol)
DHCP server
DHCP relay support
SNMP server
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Network Security

Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Deep packet inspection technology to detect or block advanced threats
IDS Mode offers high performance threat detection
IPS Mode offers powerful security to block threats in real-time
Create security policies using threat categories
Large signature database (over 20k signatures)
Support for uploading custom signatures

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What is Firewall? A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization's previously established security policies. At its most basic, a firewall is essentially the barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet.


Secure your network at the gateway against threats such as intrusions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and other dangerous applications for total protection in a convenient, affordable subscription-based service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services. Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.


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