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Chrome fixes many flaws: Patch Tuesday – Week 4, January 2019

This week we saw the release of major web browser updates coming Google Chrome and Mozilla FIrefox. On the other hand, Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian also patched their software to fix multiple security vulnerabilities. AVEVA Aveva is a British IT firm that specializes in engineering and industrial software. The firm has released an update to its product Wonderware ...

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Mozilla brings out Anti-Tracking Policy with Firefox 65

Firefox 65 comes with a host of improvements focused on privacy and security, as well as usability. The browser also puts into action the anti-tracking policy which was released earlier this week by Mozilla. With the introduction of Firefox 65, Mozilla is aggressively promoting its stance on privacy protection. The opensource giant has now introduced an anti-tracking policy into its ...

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China, Russia Posing Biggest Cyber Attack Threats to United States, Says Chief of US National Intelligence

China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea increasingly use cyber operations to steal information, influence people and to disrupt critical infrastructure, said Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence. Washington: Russia and China pose the biggest espionage and cyber attack threats to the United States and are more aligned than they have been in decades, the leader of the U.S. intelligence community told ...

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New JobCrypter ransomware variant captures screenshots of infected devices

Security researchers have discovered a new variant of the two-year-old JobCrypter ransomware that now features an additional encryption layer and a much longer decryption key, making it more powerful and difficult to evade compared to its earlier variants. While analysing the ransomware, researchers at Trend Micro also observed that it features the ability to send a screenshot of a targeted ...

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Cyber Security Predictions: 2019 and Beyond

As you think about how to deploy in advance of a new year of cyber threats, here are the trends and activities most likely to affect your organization In anticipating the major cyber security and privacy trends for the coming year, you can find plenty of clues in the events of the past 12 months. Among the now familiar forms ...

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Japan To Survey 200 Million Gadgets For Cyber Security Ahead Of Olympics

Tokyo is rushing to beef up cyber security as the nation prepares to host major global events, such as the Rugby World Cup this year, the Group of 20 meetings and the summer Olympic Games. TOKYO, JAPAN:  Japan is preparing a national sweep of some 200 million network-connected gadgets for cyber-security lapses ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, an ...

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Zero-day vulnerability in ‘Total Donations’ plugin could allow attackers to take over WordPress sites

The zero-day affects all versions of Total Donations plugin, a commercial plugin that is used to gather and manage donations. The plugin’s code contains several design flaws that inherently expose the plugin and the WordPress site as a whole to external manipulation. WordPress site owners are being alerted about an unpatched vulnerability discovered in ‘Total Donations’ plugin. The vulnerability, identified ...

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New Exploit Threatens Over 9,000 Hackable Cisco RV320/RV325 Routers Worldwide

If the connectivity and security of your organization rely on Cisco RV320 or RV325 Dual Gigabit WAN VPN routers, then you need to immediately install the latest firmware update released by the vendor last week. Cyber attackers have actively been exploiting two newly patched high-severity router vulnerabilities in the wild after a security researcher released their proof-of-concept exploit code on the Internet ...

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‘Fake Stake’ attacks vulnerability found in 26 low-end cryptocurrencies

The flaws could enable attackers to take control over a currency’s entire blockchain transactions and conduct fraudulent operations. The research team claims that the two issues were discovered in August 2018. Two extremely dangerous security flaws have been discovered in 26 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. The flaws dubbed as ‘Fake Stake’ attacks can allow an attacker to crash rival network nodes ...

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Cloud infrastructure exposed by multivector, multi-platform malware attacks prevalent, mass scale

Persistent malicious attacks exposing cloud infrastructure are the result of a perfect storm combining cryptomining, ransomware and botnet/worms for both Linux and Windows, the Securonix Threat Research Team reported. “The attack activity described in the report is likely prevalent and mass-scale,” Oleg Kolesnikov told SC Media. The research Addison, Texas-based Securonix provides further insight into the inner-workings of particularly persistent, ...

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