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Sophos Firewall Provider in India

Sophos Firewall Provider in India

Sophos is a Industry leading Company in IT Security and Data Protection field that provides businesses an entire protection and control against recognized and unrecognized Ransomware, Intrusions, Malware, Spam, Spyware, Undesirable Applications, Data Leakage & Policy Abuse and Offers Complete Network Access Control (NAC). Accurately engineered, user friendly products like Sophos Firewall & services of Sophos defend 100 million above clients in more than 150 nations.

IT Monteur’s Firewall Firm is an Silver Partner and Authorized Dealer / Partner / Reseller of Sophos to offer Sophos Firewall at best price across India : Firewall Firm in Metro Cities :- 1. Delhi : India’s capital territory , 2. Mumbai: formerly Bombay , 3. Kolkata: formerly Calcutta , 4. Chennai: formerly Madras , 5. Bangaluru:formerly Bangalore , 6. Bhubaneswar , 7. Ahmedabad , 8. Hyderabad , 9. Pune , 10. Surat , 11. Jaipur

We are more interested in providing a cost effective solutions that decreases your pain points rather than increasing an additional asset cost to your organization by just selling a product.

IT Monteur’s Firewall Firm is an Silver Partner assist you to deploy the topmost IT security exercises & services with Sophos to safeguard your business from latest advanced threats like Ransomware, Trojans, Malwares, Hacking Attacks, Intrusions, Spamming, Phishing etc.., we also provide One Time On-Site Installation / Implementation, One Time Remote Installation / Implementation, On-Site AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) as well as Remote AMC services for Sophos Firewall at affordable cost.

We know you must be looking for more about Sophos Firewall, Its Features & after all how it can benefit your organization.

Reduce your curiosity by keep reading or avoid scrolling by getting an instant assistance of our Technical Experts.

Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 1 year Enterprise Guard License

Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 3 year Enterprise Guard License

Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 1 year Full Guard License

Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 3 year Full Guard License

Sonicwall Sophos Watchguard Fortinet
  • Recommend Users: 10 to 15
  • RAM 4 GB,
  • eMMC storage 16 GB
  • UTM Throughput: 310 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: 225 Mbps
  • Enterprise Guard  Subscription Includes: Network Protection, Web Protection and Enhanced Support

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  • Recommend Users: 10 to 15
  • RAM 4 GB,
  • eMMC storage 16 GB
  • UTM Throughput: 310 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: 225 Mbps
  • Enterprise Guard  Subscription Includes: Network Protection, Web Protection and Enhanced Support

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  • Recommend Users: 10 to 15
  • RAM 4 GB,
  • eMMC storage 16 GB
  • UTM Throughput: 310 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: 225 Mbps
  • Full Guard  Subscription Includes: Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection and Enhanced Support

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  • Recommend Users: 10 to 15
  • RAM 4 GB,
  • eMMC storage 16 GB
  • UTM Throughput: 310 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: 225 Mbps
  • Full Guard  Subscription Includes: Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Webserver Protection and Enhanced Support

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Buy Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 1 year Enterprise Guard License

Buy Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 3 year Enterprise Guard License

Buy Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 1 year Full Guard License

Sophos XG 86 Firewall with 3 year Full Guard License

Sophos Firewall Provider in India

Sophos Firewall Provider in India

Sophos Firewall Provider in India

Sophos Hardware Firewall Company in India

Sophos Hardware Firewall Company in India

Buy Best Price Hardware Appliance UTM Sophos Firewall from authorized Dealer, Partner, Reseller with remote, on-site installation support in India at best price.

We are Providing our Antivirus, Antispam solutions all over India like Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vasai. Virar, Panvel, Kharghar, Bhiwandi, Kalyan Gujrat, Kolkata, Dehli, Chennai, Tamil Nadu etc. To buy our Firewall Service.

SOHO / ROBO Appliances
SMB Appliances
For Enterprise
Sophos 15i NG

Hardware UTM Appliances for Small & Branch Offices

Sophos UTM appliances enables small offices to shift from plain firewall to comprehensive UTM protection with cost effective, which gives powerful security to protect your network from malware, spam, trojan, DoS, DDoS, Phishing, pharming and intrusions. Large organizations can implement uniform security and gain high visibility into remote and branch offices with centralized management and Layer 8 Identity-based security.

Key Features
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec)
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Spam
  • Outbound Spam Protection
  • Web Filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Web Application Firewall
  • 3G / 4G / WiMAX Connectivity
  •  IM Archiving & Controls
  • Multiple Link Management
  • On-Appliance Reporting
  • IPv6 Ready
  •  Wi-Fi Appliances
Key Features
Layer 8 Identity-based policies
  • Role-based access at remote locations Visibility into who is doing what
Comprehensive UTM Security
  • Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Spam
  • Web Filtering
  • Application Visibility & Control
  • On-appliance Reporting
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Outbound Spam Protection
Secure Remote Access
  • IPSec VPN
  • L2TP
  • PPTP
WAN Connectivity & Availability            
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Multiple Link Management
  • 3G / 4G / WiMAX Support
Advanced Networking
  • Multi-core Processing
  • Extensible Security Architecture
  • Active-Active High Availability
  • IPv6 Ready Gold Certified
Wi-Fi Security  
  • Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (WEP, WPA, WPA2,802.11i, TKIP, AES, PSK)
  • Up to 8 bssid Access Points
Centralized Security Management         
  • CCC Appliances
  • Sophos iView Open Source Solution – Logging & Reporting
  • Sophos iView Appliances – Logging & Reporting
  • We deales with all range of Sophos firewall for your Home and Office use. To know more about Sophos Next Generation series and Sophos ia Series you can contact us.

Sophos Central Management

Sophos Central Management

Sophos Firewall Price

Sophos Firewall Price
Sophos XG 85 with Full Guard 1 year license
( For 20 User )
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Sophos XG 105 with Full Guard 1 year license
( For 30 User )
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Sophos XG 115 with Full Guard 1 year license
( For 50 User )
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Sophos XG 125 with Full Guard 1 year license
( For 70 User )
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Sophos XG 135 with Full Guard 1 year license
( For 100 User )
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What is Sophos Firewall ?

Sophos has integrated the latest next generation firewall technologies with its SG UTM firewall and launched a new series named Sophos XG Firewall.

Sophos XG Firewall is a High Performance Gateway Level Security for your organization’s network to keep it secure from complex as well as specific attacks, latest malware, vulnerabilities in web applications, etc.

SFOS (Sophos Firewall OS) is an operating system used in Sophos XG firewall which delivers flexible deployments from the network edge to the core, data center and internal segments.

Sophos XG Firewall gives highest threat protection for various industrial sectors like Communication Service Provider (CSP), Data centers, Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, etc.

Sophos had been graded as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls 2019 by Gartner.

Why Sophos Firewall ?

Sophos XG Firewall delivers a technology that thinks like you by offering a fresh new strategy for controlling your firewall, reacting to threats and inspecting activities happening on your network. Sophos XG Firewall gives :

  • Complete next-generation firewall protection for ransomware and other advanced threats.
  • Reveals unseen risks inside your network by providing deep visibility into highly threatened users, unrecognized apps, modern threats, malignant files and a lot more.
  • Provides innovative platforms like Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM), Sophos Central and Sophos iView that not only saves your time by simplifying your jobs but also makes sure that your network remains more secure than before.
  • Sophos XG Firewall is one of the network security solutions only that can completely detect the source of an attack on your network and automatically restrict the access to other network resources in response.

Sophos XG Firewall offers Basic Firewall features like IPSec, SSL VPN, and Wireless Protection inbuilt in every Sophos XG Firewall along with the various protection module options as below which you can choose depending on your organization’s requirement.

  • Network Protection delivered by Sophos XG Firewall prevents hacks and attacks as they arrive into your network.
  • Web Protection delivers unique visibility and management across your entire user’s web and application activity
  • Sandstorm Protection provides your network a high-performance security against zero-day threats
  • Email Protection & Encryption integrated with Anti-Spam & DLP
  • Web Server Protection that keeps your web servers and business applications safe from hacking attempts while providing secure access

It is developed to offer excellent performance and security effectiveness at an affordable price that gives best return on your investment.

Features of Sophos Firewall

Sophos XG Series Firewall delivers Complete Next-Gen Protection which includes Advanced Networking, Protection, User and Application Controls that makes your organization invulnerable and compliant.

1) Management

1a) Firewall Management

Well formed and advantageous web-based management console provided by Sophos XG Firewall offers instant access to all the points you need besides any unneeded complications.

  • To control all your Sophos products together with XG firewall; Sophos Central gives the topmost cloud management platform.
  • XG Firewall’s Control center offers clear feeds of system performance, traffic patterns, policies and alerts.
  • Integrated policy model significantly eases implementation, minimizes repetitions and average rule count by allowing suitable management for all your network, user, NAT and organisation app regulations in one location with snap-in policies for web, apps, IPS, Security Heartbeat, QoS and routing.
  • Policy templates provide ordinary enterprise applications to significantly simplify the deployment.
  • Role-based admin provides agile and strong access control for various operating zones.

1b) Centralized Management

For all your XG Firewalls and other Sophos products; Sophos Central offers an effective & ultimate centralized cloud management platform, zero-touch deployment and reporting from a single pane of window.

  • Sophos Central is the ultimate cloud platform through which you can manage all your sophos products. It simplifies day-to-day setup, administration and reporting for all your XG Firewalls and other sophos solutions too. It is free of cost for all XG Firewall customers.
  • Firewall Management of Sophos Central consists of effective cloud based group firewall administration, backup management, single click firmware updates and fast zero-touch deployment of new firewalls.
  • Sophos Central Firewall Reporting offers flexible reporting in the cloud for all your XG Firewalls with easy tools to create your own custom reports.

1c) Status and Alert

To cater the information you need to reply promptly to modify in your network; the newest & cautiously designed control center examines huge back-end data sources and also gives you the prompt visibility for all your essential system, protection and network status indicators.

  • Highlights reports generated by Automated report analysis that features data of interest or data that may need attention, with one-click access to the full report in control center.
  • Quick Visibility for all your essential system, protection and network status indicators from the newest control center
  • Automatically send Email notifications for important system status events.
  • Manage remote office firewall devices by SNMP with a custom MIB and support for IPSec VPN tunnels.

1d) Reporting and Logging

Take benefit of the complete centralized reporting throughout all your sophos firewall devices by XG Firewall’s broad on-box reporting feature or use Sophos iView.

  • On-box reporting feature is common with all XG Firewall for your local firewall reporting necessities.
  • With simplified tools to make your own custom reports; Sophos Central Firewall Reporting offers extensive reporting in the cloud for all your Sophos XG Firewalls.
  • Through unique features such as User Threat Quotient or App Risk Score; it gives User and Application risk analysis reports that determines highly risky users and applications respectively.
  • Live Log viewer with strong search and filter options can be accessed from any location as well as device and also gives a real-time visibility of activities happening in your sophos firewall throughout all areas of the firewall.
  • Fulfills compliance by providing Change control and audit logging options.
  • Allows safe backup, repository and inspection of system logs by Syslog support.

2) User and App Control

2a) User Identity

Before your users turn to a serious threat to your network; user identity-based policies and special user risk analysis provide you the information and strength to regain control of your users.

  • User-identification empowers all firewall policies and reporting by allowing extraordinary next-gen control over applications, internet surfing, bandwidth quotas, and other network resources.
  • User Threat Quotient (UTQ) identifies the highly threatened users on your network as per their current network behavior.
  • Synchronized User ID is an exclusive feature of Sophos Synchronized Security that abolishes the necessity for client or server authentication agents by sharing user identity among the endpoint and the firewall via Security Heartbeat™.
  • Various authentication alternatives comprising directory services (such as Active Directory, eDirectory, LDAP), NTLM, RADIUS, Kerberos, RSA, TACACS+, client agents (together with Chromebook support), or captive portal.
  • To access most critical areas of the system such as the user portal, IPsec and SSL VPN and the web based administration console; it provides Two-factor authentication (2FA) one-time password (OTP) support.

2b) Application Control

With deep-packet scanning technology and Synchronized App Control that gives you comprehensive application insights and control over all applications so that you can pick out all the unwanted applications that are currently running on your network.

  • With strong controls and intelligent filter lists that allows you to create customized policies as per application category, technology, threat, behaviour or other attributes and also gives you the Visibility and Control on more than thousands of applications via customizable policy templates.
  • CASB cloud app insights detects all browser applications and cloud services to recognise Shadow IT and data at risk as well as get the immediate and simple control over it.
  • You can set the Priority between apps you want and the apps you don’t want. Synchronized App Control delivers an advanced network visibility by determining all the applications that are unknown, unidentified, or generic on your network and allow you to categorise and control them.
  • User-based application policies allows customized application control to be enforced to any user, group, or network with the traffic shaping option.
  • Traffic shaping (QoS) emphasizes the bandwidth allocation as per the importance of applications and bounds the bandwidth for unrelated applications.

2c) Web Control

With options for user and group implementation of performance, quotas, schedules and traffic shaping gives you complete visibility and control over all your internet traffic with extensive deployment tools that work the way you need.

  • Enterprise Secure Web Gateway (SWG) policy model allows complex group and user-based web filtering policies to be assigned promptly and easily with hierarchical inheritance that significantly decreases firewall rule count.
  • Template-driven activity control with predetermined workplace and compliance policies leverages over 90 predefined website categories as well as covers more than billions of pages protected through SophosLabs with the option to customize URL lists.
  • Education Features like YouTube restrictions and SafeSearch and also temporary web policy overrides managed by teachers offers extensive, strong but convenient to use compliance controls.
  • Comprehensive implementation blocks anonymizing proxies, monitors HTTPS encrypted traffic and can implement Google Apps domains making sure that your policies are constantly deployed.
  • Traffic shaping (QoS) emphasizes the bandwidth allocation as per the importance of applications and bounds the bandwidth for unrelated applications.

2d) Content Control

User-based monitoring and compliant control of keyword content as well as downloadable content containing various files types through HTTP, HTTPS or FTP.

  • To aid detecting complicated or hazardous behavior concerned topics like self-harm, dramatic, intimidating and more; Web keyword check can log and forcefully inhibit content matching posted keyword libraries in spite of website category.
  • Through any user or network web control policy; File Download filtering templates allows you to control more than hundreds of different program files and robust content types easily.
  • When employees leave the organization; policy-based Outbound Email DLP can automatically activate encryption or block/intimate depending on the existence of sophisticated data in emails.
  • Web caching minimizes bandwidth utilisation with the help of caching supported web content as well as downloads together with Sophos Endpoint updates.

3) Protection

3a) Firewall and IPS

High-level IPS and dual-engine AV performance and efficiency delivers Stateful and deep-packet inspection for entire network traffic.

  • Advanced next-gen IPS protection supports a consistent signature format supported by SophosLabs and provides the strong network misuse prohibition, protection and performance.
  • Dual-engine AV scanning along with Sophos engine provides the advanced performance and security while scanning traffic. Integrating a second engine offers more scanning protection.
  • Perimeter defenses block attacks on your network, containing investigation disclosure, flood attacks like DoS/DDoS protection, packet-based attacks (ICMP) and spoofing.
  • Provides the provision to block Geo IP ranges for entire countries or regions by Country-based policy.

3b) Cloud Sandbox

Sophos Sandstorm leverages next-gen cloud-sandbox technology together with the superior technology from Intercept X and keep your enterprise secure against zero-day threats such as new ransomware and dedicated attacks entering by spam, internet downloads or phishing.

  • Cloud delivery means Sandstorm does not require any additional hardware since it is completely consolidated with XG Firewall.
  • Comprehensive machine learning based analysis as well as remote execution Identifies suspicious files such as Office Docs, PDFs and other program files coming into the network through email or the web and then sends this data to the cloud sandbox to condemn zero-day threats prior they get access to your network.
  • Stops zero-day threats before they get on your network with the support of deep learning and other technologies from industry leading Intercept X next-gen endpoint product that contains exploit detection and CryptoGuard protection.
  • Gives you the Great valued benefits of enterprise-level protection at affordable cost.
  • Providing Detailed threat reports offers you the ability to inspect every incident that is occurring in your network so that you can monitor all the activities and come to know what’s going on exactly.

3c) Anti-Malware

Sophos’ award-achiever, industry-driven anti-malware engine is supported by Sophos Labs and carries 30-year history of securing organizations from the modern threats.

  • With the inclusion of enhanced, proprietary techniques like code emulation and behavioral analysis; Advanced malware protection goes beyond signature-based determination to identify obscure or diverse threats.
  • Smart Live Protection of Sophos terminates the space between routine updates via real-time cloud lookups.
  • Dual-engine scanning along with Sophos engine provides the advanced performance and security while scanning traffic. Integrating a second engine offers more scanning protection.
  • Sophos Labs 24/7 worldwide threat investigate operation that is rare in the world provides the extent and profound need to overtake modern threats.

3d) Web Protection

Sophos’ Web Protection engine contains advanced technologies that are needed to detect and block the modern web threats and it is supported by SophosLabs.

  • High-performance Web Protection combined with extensive analysis skills such as JavaScript emulation, origin reputation and behavioral analysis to give you protection against latest, cascaded web attacks.
  • Delivers Pharming protection security by overriding corrupt host files or DNS lookups to protect against pharming and phishing attacks.
  • HTTPS scanning inspect encrypted traffic deeply for compliance and threats.
  • Unwanted app control potentially gives the protection to your network from cryptomining and cryptojacking implanted in websites and various other unnecessary web supported applications too.
  • SophosLabs 24/7 worldwide threat investigation operation provides you the top malicious site database to protect your network and users by detecting more than thousands of recently contaminated websites and instances of web malware.

3e) Synchronized Security

Sophos’ innovative Security Heartbeat™ connects your Sophos managed endpoints with your XG firewall to offer unique security from superior threats although extensively lowers the time and complication of replying to security events.

  • XG Firewall oversees the Security Heartbeat status of all your Sophos endpoints and allows you to discover infected systems shortly and automatically restrict network access for such systems until they become healthy again.
  • Destination Heartbeat Protection limits the rights to endpoints and servers that are compromised and further re-enforces the security based on the status of their Heartbeat until these infected systems turn to fully safe.
  • Synchronized App Control uses the Synchronized Security relationship to automatically discover, segregate and control unknown applications on your network and gives advancement in network visibility.
  • Lateral Movement Protection makes the attack dead by automatically disconnecting infected systems at each and every point the network. Healthy endpoints can be rescued by avoiding all traffic coming from infected systems even on the same network segment by isolating to safeguard from threats and operating combatants from disseminating or data theft.
  • Synchronized User ID is an exclusive feature of Sophos Synchronized Security that abolishes the necessity for client or server authentication agents by sharing user identity among the endpoint and the firewall via Security Heartbeat™.

3f) Advanced Threat Protection

Sophos XG Firewall provides superior threat protection to protect your network from the latest complex attacks by immediately discovering bots and other advanced threats.

  • Security Heartbeat connects and combines between your Sophos Endpoints intelligence and your Sophos XG Firewall intelligence to discover and remove the systems infected by latest and previously unrecognised threats.
  • Analysis from DNS, IPS, web, and traffic filters is merged by Multi-layered, call-home protection to discover and prohibit botnet and command-and-control (C&C) call-home attempts.
  • Smart firewall policies checks endpoint behavior to automatically remove or control access to compromised systems that may be contaminated by the latest threats.
  • With profound visibility into the device, user, and operation liable; Traffic light style indicators gives instant notification of systems at risk.

3g) Business Application

To safeguard your enterprise’s vital applications from hacks and attacks; Sophos combines next-gen firewall intelligence with enterprise-class web application firewall although allows authorized access.

  • Next-generation enhanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protects from hacks and attacks and also retains high performance.
  • Web Application Firewall orchestrates smoothly with your Sophos next-gen firewall by blending strong protection like URL and form hardening with the simplified template-driven policy design and deployment.
  • Guarantees effortless access for innocent users and strong protection for suspicious ones by providing Granular, User-based protection with a plentiful set of installation choices and various authentication options.

3h) Email And Data

Sophos’ unparalleled unified security includes Policy-based Email Encryption with Anti-Spam and DLP to safeguard your email from phishing, spamming and data loss.

  • At the time of unavailability of target servers to receive the email sent by the user; Complete Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) store and forward support enables the firewall to store email which gives business continuity and reduces productivity.
  • Live anti-spam offers the security to shield your organization from the modern spamming schemes, malicious attachments and phishing attacks, .
  • SPX encryption makes it simple to send encrypted email to anyone that is not even trustworthy & this technology is extraordinary to Sophos.
  • When employees leave the organization; policy-based DLP can automatically activate encryption or block/intimate depending on the existence of sophisticated data in emails.
  • Self-serve user portal saves time and struggle by giving direct access to an employee’s spam quarantine and block/allow lists.

4) Networking

4a) Routing & Bridging

Sophos XG Firewall provides the most superior top-level networking technology available.

  • Makes it simple and instinctive to create Strong object-based NAT rules by allowing many ports and services to be forwarded in a one rule with a various preset cloud service host objects
  • Access control criteria can applied as per user identity, MAC or IP address, source and destination zone, service etc.
  • Provides multicast support based on service, source or destination for per-rule routing and policy-based routes with the help of Advanced routing that leverages the Static, BGP, OSPF and RIP with full 802.1Q VLAN support.
  • Provides WAN link balancing feature that includes high availability and load balancing with the options of weighting and fail-over rules.
  • Device ports can be bridged to distribute the same address space by using Adaptive bridging options and fail-open bypass ports enables bridged embedded operations without any interruption.
  • Delivers IPv6 Certified support including 6-in-4, 6-to-4, 4-in-6, IPv6 fast implementation (6rd), and IPv6 throughout for interfaces, routing, and IPSec tunneling.

4b) Segmentation

Delivers techniques to split trust level on your network when applying security against lateral movement between distinct sections of your network by providing extensive and strong separation options via zones and VLANs that is above the conventional interface-based configuration.

  • Default zones for LAN, WAN, LOCAL, DMZ, Wi-Fi and VPN simplifies to run easily & promptly together with the support for customized zones on the DMZ or LAN.
  • Gives you the options of robust segmentation based on trust, location, traffic type and other conditions throughout your physical network design by the feature of Full VLAN support.
  • Zone and VLAN isolation check whether firewall policies are strongly established to allow protected sharing of user, application, and network traffic to transfer between them. Till that it keeps these zones isolated.
  • It’s easy to translate and figure out basic but strong firewall rules that are enabled by Zone-based policies.

4c) Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping is also known as QoS or Quality of Service that is extensive and strong but its user-friendly controls allow implementation based on individual user, user group, application, category, or policy rule.

  • Network or user-based Traffic shaping emphasize the bandwidth allocation as per the importance of applications and bounds the bandwidth for unrelated applications on any network or user-based policy.
  • Web category traffic shaping emphasizes the bandwidth allocation as per the category of website.
  • Network traffic quotas enable limitless modification for individual or entire network traffic.
  • Make sure about the need of priority to be given to real-time traffic for Voice over IP and various other communications by the option of Real-time VoIP optimization.

4d) Wireless Controller

XG Firewalls can be also used as a wireless controllers for sophos wireless access points with simple installation & single pane of window management.

  • Sophos firewall automatically identifies the Sophos Wireless Access Point as soon as it’s connected. This allows quick installation of Sophos Wireless Access Point by just Plug-and-play deployment with few clicks.
  • Provides maximum coverage and capacity as well as best throughput with the modern 802.11ac, Wave 2 wireless standard and powerful radios.
  • Provides Instant & easy implementation along with the options for bridging, isolation, zones, channel width, hotspots and number of SSIDs per radio.
  • Support all the latest standards like WPA2 personal and enterprise with protected encryption.

4e) Performance

XG Firewall merges improved performance technologies at every single way in the firewall processing chain that uses Intel’s multi-core processing platform. NSS Labs recent testing has proved that Sophos XG Firewall provides the utmost price per protected Mbps of any firewall in the market.

  • Best IPS together with best security efficiencies.
  • Top-Level proxy backing more than a thousand of concurrent connections implements web policy with millisecond latency.
  • Top accelerated interfaces and switches contain multiple GigE ports on all devices and additional FlexiPort expansion modules for 10GbE copper or fiber connectivity.
  • You can simply increase your performance by twice whenever required through the option of WAN link balancing and High availability with active-active load balancing or active-passive fail-over.

4f) VPN

Select from a wide range of VPN technologies for secure site-to-site and remote access.

  • Full standards-based VPN support contains SSL, IPSec (with IKEv2 support), PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (iOS and Android) and Cisco VPN (iOS).
  • Clientless portal provides instant access to important business applications using Sophos’ unique encrypted HTML5 self-service portal that supports RDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, and VNC.
  • Sophos unique RED (Remote Ethernet Device) can be deployed at the branch locations for simple & affordable establishment of secure VPN connection.
  • This unique Firewall-to-firewall RED tunnels delivers a best VPN alternative to connect your sophos firewalls.


Enhancing your network securely to various sites become as simple as putting box cable into plug with exclusive Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) by Sophos.

  • Plug-and-play VPN by just entering the RED ID within your firewall console and transfer it to your remote locations.
  • Once the RED appliance is plugged in; it automatically creates the secure VPN connection with the sophos firewall without the need of any technical skills or technical staff.
  • Traffic routing gives you options to route interoffice network traffic only via RED or entire network traffic coming from the branch sites back to your firewall for total protection.
  • Secure encryption offers a private connection for the traffic between the RED and your Sophos firewall.

4h) Encrypted Traffic

With complete transparent SSL scanning, implementation, and protocol validation; must guarantee that encrypted traffic is not a weakness in your network.

  • SSL decryption enables confidentiality for delicate traffic and also protectively anticipates and decrypts SSL traffic to provide profound scanning for security, policy checks and compliance along with policy-driven exceptions.
  • Without complete man-in-the-middle decryption; SSL inspection guarantees implementation and compliance.
  • Protects your network from malformed or spoofed certificates by the option of Certificate validation.
  • Protocol implementation detects and prevents unnecessary traffic that is trying to skip traffic shaping or filtering policies for encrypted traffic connections.

Benefits of Sophos Firewall

Synchronized Security

XG Firewall is a section of the world’s great cybersecurity system, integrating in real time with Intercept X.

  • 100% Application Insights : Determine all unrecognised applications on the network.
  • Check Health and Threats : Immediately discover threatened machines.
  • Automatic Threat Isolation : Inhibit violations and removes contaminated endpoints instantly from the network and also obstruct the lateral movement.

Central Cloud Management

Sophos Central Cloud Management is the platform from which you can manage your firewalls, as well as your all Sophos security solutions from a single window.

  • Manage Everything From One Console : Through the new Group Firewall Management tools in Sophos Central; you can easily make a change to one firewall and push it out to all other firewalls with just a few clicks
  • Reporting in the Cloud : Sophos Central now consists of responsive reporting tools that allow you to display your network activity and security eventually. You get some inbuilt reports as well as convenient tools to create your own customized reports.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment : Sophos XG Firewall appliances can be configured easily from Sophos Central without even touching them.


Xstream architecture featured by XG Firewall provides High visibility, protection, and performance.

  • Xstream-TLS Inspection : High visibility and top-level performance within entire encrypted traffic on your network along with support for TLS 1.3
  • Xstream-DPI Engine : Best deep packet protection within one streaming engine for blocking all recognized and unrecognized threats
  • Xstream-Network Flow FastPath : Speeds up trusted and essential cloud, VoIP application and SaaS traffic for advanced performance

Sophos Firewall Product Briefcase

Sophos XG Series hardware firewall devices are tailored with the trendy multi-core processors, beneficent RAM provisioning, solid-state storage, and extensible connectivity options.

You get best-of-breed price performance and the extreme flexibility, connectivity, and stability in each and every form factor whether you want to secure a small business or a massive data center.

The Sophos XG Firewall is available as an entry-level hardware appliances for small offices & retail networks that includes 1 employee or more to the high-end and rack mounted appliances for large enterprises, service providers & data centers that includes 5000 or more users to fulfill the most challenging threat protection needs.

This wide ranging product portfolio makes Sophos XG Firewall to fit seamlessly into any business environment.

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What is Firewall? A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization's previously established security policies. At its most basic, a firewall is essentially the barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet.


Secure your network at the gateway against threats such as intrusions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and other dangerous applications for total protection in a convenient, affordable subscription-based service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services. Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.


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