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Sophos XG 115

Sophos XG 115

Sophos XG 115 Firewall Hardware with 3 year License Rs 64540.00

Buy Sophos XG 115 Hardware Firewall with 3 year license online from
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XG Series Firewall Appliances

Our XG Series hardware appliances are purpose-built with the latest multi-core Intel technology, generous RAM provisioning, and solid-state storage. Whether you’re protecting a small business or a large datacenter, you’re getting industry leading price:performance, and the ultimate in flexibility, connectivity and reliability in every form factor.

Desktop Models

Our Desktop firewall appliances support all the security features of our larger appliances but in a compact form factor and at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one security solution for your branch office, or need next-gen firewall security for your growing business, our range of models can offer you many features not available anywhere else.

XG 115 / 115w Rev.3



1000 MBPS

490 MBPS

1220 MBPS

600 MBPS

Product Highlights

  • All features supported on every XG 1xx model and most on XG 86
  • Every model available with optional integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • 2nd power supply option for all XG 1xx models
  • Expansion bay on all XG 125/135 models for 3G/4G module
  • Optional 2nd Wi-Fi radio module on 135w model
  • SFP port, e.g. for optional DSL modem, on all XG 1xx appliances


3G/4G Connectivity

For 125/135(w) Rev.3 models only

Our Desktop appliances are often deployed in remote locations where flexible connectivity options are essential. The expansion bay on our XG 125 and 135 models provides the option to add a 3G/4G module to your appliance. The module can be securely mounted and is then managed from your XG Firewall console.

  • Better performance with the latest standards supported (LTE cat-6, up to 300 Mbps download/50Mbps upload)
  • Fully protected from theft or damage
  • Our optional 3G/4G module comes in two different versions – Europe/Americas and Asia-Pacific

DSL Modem

For 1xx Rev.3 and 106 Rev.1 models only

Use the SFP port on all of our XG 1xx models to add DSL connectivity to your appliance. Get rid of your router and connect your appliance directly to the DSL socket on your wall. This means one less piece of equipment to manage and a fully integrated solution. Our optional DSL modem supports most VDSL2 standards with download/upload speeds up to 100 Mbps.

2nd Wi-Fi Radio

For 135w Rev.3 models only

Improve the Wi-Fi coverage and performance in your office by adding a 2nd Wi-Fi radio to your XG 135w appliance. Adding a second radio to our models with built-in Wi-Fi, allows you to broadcast the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands simultaneously and adds two additional antennas for an overall better Wi-Fi experience.

Rack mount Kits

For all Desktop models

We offer optional rack mount kits for all of our Desktop models, giving you the possibility to mount even the smallest Sophos XG Series appliance in your existing rack. The appliance can be mounted facing forwards or backwards for easier acces to the Ethernet ports.


For 1xx(w) Rev.3 and 106(w) Rev.1 only

Redundancy features on Desktop appliances are rare but at Sophos, we know how important it is to keep things running, no matter what size of business you have. The second power supply option provides you with additional peace of mind, should the first one fail.

Buy Sophos XG 115 Hardware Firewall with 3 year license online from IT Monteur Store

Buy Sophos XG 115 Hardware Firewall with 3 year license online from IT Monteur Store

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What is Firewall? A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization's previously established security policies. At its most basic, a firewall is essentially the barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet.


Secure your network at the gateway against threats such as intrusions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and other dangerous applications for total protection in a convenient, affordable subscription-based service. Modern threats like web-based malware attacks, targeted attacks, application-layer attacks, and more have had a significantly negative effect on the threat landscape. In fact, more than 80% of all new malware and intrusion attempts are exploiting weaknesses in applications, as opposed to weaknesses in networking components and services. Stateful firewalls with simple packet filtering capabilities were efficient blocking unwanted applications as most applications met the port-protocol expectations. Administrators could promptly prevent an unsafe application from being accessed by users by blocking the associated ports and protocols.


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